Wednesday, March 13, 2013

secrets of a tear

Whispers from her 
tears, I don't even know
her and absent reason why I
care but found myself shackled 
by my concerns on why their there 

Whispers from her
tears, " hey you over there "
Attempted to ignore but was
arrested by her stare...
as her pain trickled down 
each drop lending word
to my ear like " hello boy I'm 
speaking don't pretend you 
cannot  hear" 

Whispers from her
tears, "excuse me over there,
I can see your well aware let
me explain why we appeared"

Baffled at this time
my mind trapped between
two gears....  I'm one shift 
away from crazy her pain
is talking and I can hear 

"I'm hear..... I think" 
She said "excuse me! I know you 
from where ?"

The look on my face 
Implied her question
wasn't clear, she wiped 
away her fear a couple 
feet between us cleared 
then attempted to alert
others she shouted " your
crazy!!! Disappear "

Secrets from a tear...

This is true I swear,
when I witness a woman
cry I'm sometimes harassed
by her fears... Maybe it's 
my heart and its cast of 
solid care but this is one 
gift that makes this picture
hard to bare 

Secrets from a tear 

© 2013 viewtifulink  


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