Wednesday, March 13, 2013

secrets of a tear

Whispers from her 
tears, I don't even know
her and absent reason why I
care but found myself shackled 
by my concerns on why their there 

Whispers from her
tears, " hey you over there "
Attempted to ignore but was
arrested by her stare...
as her pain trickled down 
each drop lending word
to my ear like " hello boy I'm 
speaking don't pretend you 
cannot  hear" 

Whispers from her
tears, "excuse me over there,
I can see your well aware let
me explain why we appeared"

Baffled at this time
my mind trapped between
two gears....  I'm one shift 
away from crazy her pain
is talking and I can hear 

"I'm hear..... I think" 
She said "excuse me! I know you 
from where ?"

The look on my face 
Implied her question
wasn't clear, she wiped 
away her fear a couple 
feet between us cleared 
then attempted to alert
others she shouted " your
crazy!!! Disappear "

Secrets from a tear...

This is true I swear,
when I witness a woman
cry I'm sometimes harassed
by her fears... Maybe it's 
my heart and its cast of 
solid care but this is one 
gift that makes this picture
hard to bare 

Secrets from a tear 

© 2013 viewtifulink  

my love for music

I have a love
      for the tone of
      what I love.... Music
      my favorite drug an
      addict to her sing....
      her song inspired
      by my width and its
      ability to spread while
      extracting the love
      she held between
      Sweet melodies seasoned
      by what was freed... The
      sounds of satisfaction
      notes altered by how she
      breathed, a display of
      my deep and strategic
      switch in speeds has
      lent a blessings to my
      ears for her music I'm a
      For her music I'm
      a bird who just found
      use of its wings, like
      a virgin's first "YESSS!"
      I'm talking birth to a
      The flow of
      her stream mixed
      with the appreciation
      in her screams makes
      for the perfect song, damn
      I love it when she sings
      My love for music
      (c) 2013 viewtifulink

love decay

Once there was a
      time where their
      bond was fueled by
      forever.... Until his
      drive was altered by
      thoughts of a smoother
      ride and things being

      All that he provides
      had gone absent to
      her eye.... Everything
      but her care, now that
      "forever" glare is only
      shaded by the thought
      of her lacking the need
      for a beating heart ........
      That reality no longer

      The bliss in
      Loves presence
      blinds us from it's
      known storm when it
      chooses to hide leaving
      behind severe wounds
      one which sometimes
      convince "he" that "his"
      life should be self-declined

      The feeling beneath her
      skin.... Her flesh dances
      like water in a pot when heat
      is applied while enduring the
      discomfort of the peel where
      skin just happened to die

      Dry is the air
      breathing requests
      her insides to fry, every
      inhale aids to the fire
      so as long as she lives
      the burn won't subside

      Assumptions of
      his love being reduced
      to lust so that strangers
      comply feeding her mind
      of his pleasures to other
      women he will provide

      Love refuses to
      relieve its grasp
      caged left to piece
      together the bits
      of crumbled pride which
      seems to be an impossible
      task lost love has tampered
      with what gods gift was to the

      Love we all desire
      but shouldn't forget
      all that lives must be put
      to rest.... Life would never
      be so precious if we lived
      absent fear of death

      Love decay

      (c) 2013 viewtifulink      

sounds of acceptance

Her tongue glosses
      her lips before the air
      kisses her teeth.... Oxygen
      summoned from the depths
      of her an act influenced by
      my hello and her acceptance
      of all of me
      That first gasp portrays
      her surprised at the
      feel of surrounding
      me.... Gradually I travel
      further which asks her
      hands to harass the sheets
      Her breathe....
      I mean breath, inhaled
      from beyond deep
      repeatedly mimicking
      my greeting.......
      Slow....... applauding
      her grip I get a kick
      out of her slick,  tight
      then her moist aids on
      freeing me so I continue
      to say hello this snail like
      pace is pleasing me
      That warmth mixed
      with her spill as I'm freed
      all seen on me..... My solid
      shines with an example of
      what she's able to release
      haunted by the sounds
      of satisfactions grand
      opening my favorite time
      inside of her is when pleasure
      begins to sing
      Sounds of acceptance
      (c) 2013 viewtifulink

this isnt what i asked

Society has its way
      of convincing us that
      certain desires are
      dressed in routine...
      so you strive to fulfil
      a dream its outcome thanks
      to another's success you've
      already seen
      What if fate rerouted you
      on a path to a brighter light
      and greater things but your
      sold on what you've seen
      so you continue tailing
      another's dream
      don't assume every
      bird can fly keep from
      thought their extended
      wings, everything beneath
      the sun consumes the same
      air that don't declare us all
      human beings
      I've done walked
      outside my shoes
      mentally claiming that
      natural wasn't my scene
      falsely training myself
      to believe everyone else
      but me was better to be
      sometimes we must
      substitute our given
      abilities, develope
      visions with your heart
      forget the gift to the eye
      is to see,  listen with your
      mind as your heart now
      guides it on how to think,
      dismiss the gift given to
      the ear as most tongues
      are directed by the persuasive
      mind of a human being
      corrupting your thoughts which
      fuels your action we all have the
      gift to mislead
      I understand if
      it flows one should
      consider it a stream
      but its base isn't always
      water your norm and mine
      are two different things
      This isn't what I asked

more than four letter

It's taste ....
      overruled the natural
      sweetness of her kiss..
      its warmth whispers
      my name as I grow
      near to bind our lips
      The softness I've
      embraced you can
      tell was tampered with
      because I've been forced
      into a state of recline while
      being fed a future of bliss
      It's feel...
      Dances between the
      thin hairs upon my
      skin, its music played
      by every touch so those
      hairs refuse to bend,
      exchanging my standard
      thoughts with one's that'll
      heighten the tension love
      does its best work when
      pressured by sensation
      It's aroma...
      stains your space
      taking the place of
      oxygen so every inhale
      renews what's real your
      bodies plagued again and
      It's sound...
      A lions roar when
      fleeing from the depth
      of him while her screech
      mimics the soothe of
      one playing a violin
      It's look...
      So bright able
      re-light a "lovers"
      skin.... It's been
      said to leave a
      glow something
      similar to the suns
      morning grin
      If  my current
      love for her replaced
      the dim in the moonlit
      Sky's..... All who roamed
      the night would need
      a bright repellant  to
      protect their eyes
      L o v e...... Is more
      then just four letters,
      only those who really
      been there are aware of
      its hidden pleasures
      More then four letters
      (c) 2013 viewtifulink

perfect wrong


      The mind of a child is
      unprepared but assembled
      to absorb so its crucial how
      their steered, Naturally
      entwined with their
      surroundings.... everything
      seems right when one
      lives absent care so their
      beginners mind labels
      perfect to what's there

      Induced to live
      a life........  where
      comfortable registers
      instead of fear, an unsure
      living arrangement seen
      a palace their mentally
      told appears..... That
      affect provided by
      unfortunate means we'd
      consider was unfair but
      we all can't live good
      the thought of a better
      life would lose its flair

      When your life gears
      are presented to you
      backwards... reality
      hits fast but your incapable
      of acknowledging what
      matters.....  Things most
      frown upon your tamed
      to believe should make
      them flattered all because
      your childhood memories
      consist of living battered

      Perfect wrongs

      (c) 2013 viewtifulink